Author: Shadowy Media Collective | Date: June 19, 2002 | Please Comment!

There are still two days to go until England play Brazil in the next round of the World Cup, but the Sun still thinks this is the most important thing to put on their front page.

If you’re going to insist on putting football on the front page, why not talk about something that happened yesterday (like the Koreans beating the Italians) not something that’s not going to happen for days. To be fair to them, it wasn’t the whole front page. There was also a photo of a woman who had gone to Ascot and had forgotten to wear a vest.

This still happens a lot too. Particularly with large sporting events. The real news is often put aside for this kind of barrel-scraping news about the English (or British, depending on the competition) team. It’s like they believe that their readers shouldn’t even read about the other teams – in case they somehow get drawn into supporting the wrong people.

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