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We know that the Queen’s Golden Jubilee is important and we certainly wouldn’t suggest for a momoent that it’s not news. But does there need to be quite so much coverage. On every front page. For four days.

Seems like only yesterday that the tabloids were full of Jubilee nonsense.

Oh wait, it was. If anything the coverage of the Diamond Jubilee is even more incessant than it was for the Golden Jubilee.

So this story could easily be reused word for word today.

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“Era”, I mean the last ten days or so when the tabloids have had nothing but the Queen Mother on their front pages. Now that she’s been buried, perhaps we can get back to the usual nonsense.

TV stations had learned their lessons from Diana’s death five years earlier and had drastically scaled down their original plans for dealing with the Queen Mother’s death. Many of the tabloids still assumed we lived in the 1930s and had published wall to wall coverage of every detail of the mourning period and the funeral. Once the funeral had taken place they went back to norrnal.

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The front page of today’s Mirror has a photo showing the (almost non-existent) queue of people waiting to sign the books of condolence for “the people’s granny”. They also run a leader bemoaning the fact that no-one seems to care. We see this

as evidence that we’re right. The general public really isn’t interested in half of the “news” that the tabloids publish.

A few days after the Queen Mother died and the general public still showed no sign of being anywhere near as

interested as the tabloids thought they should be.

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not completely heartless here at Wasted Inches. We realise that the death of a member of the Royal family is a legitimate news story. But don’t you think that today’s hagiographies are taking it all a bit too far?

This is a bit of a strange one. As we’ll see over the next few days, I think the tabloids rather misjudged public feeling here. The general public didn’t seem to be quite as interested in the Queen Mother’s death as the tabloids thought they should be.