Author: Shadowy Media Collective | Date: September 30, 2002 | Please Comment!

There are some big stories around today – the opening of the Labour Party Conference and the US still trying to find a good excuse to attack Iraq are two good examples. But all of the tabloids ignore all of that and present us with news that would have been pointless even when it was current (in the mid 1980s). Anyone would think the editors are being told what to print by the Labour Party spin doctors in order to minimise the amount of coverage that the Perty Conference is getting.

This was the story about Edwina Currie and John Major. Ten years on, I still don’t want to think about that.

And at that point, Wasted Inches finishes. I can’t remember why I stopped it. I know I’d started another blog which became the main place where I wrote. But it never really covered the tabloids in the way that Wasted Inches did. These days, of course, we have many excellent blogs which spend their time pointing out the nonsense that the tabloids print. I hope they keep going as long as the tabloids do.

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  1. sim-o says:

    Thanks for (re-)publishing Wasted Inches, Dave.

    It’s been an interesting read.

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